KidsMatter Digital Leader Summit Helps Students Be Leaders Online

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Teaching online safety is an important part of a child’s education. KidsMatter took that one step further in teaching children to be leaders in the digital world at their annual Digital Leader Summit.

Digital Leader Summit

“We want to give students the tools that are necessary to be safe online and create that positive digital footprint because we know that technology will be an enhancer for where they go moving forward,” said Brian Giovanini, director of innovation for School District 204.

About 400 students in grades four through eight from districts 203 and 204 were hand-selected by their teachers to participate in the two-day event which took place at Community Christian Church.

Small Group Work

After introductions, the students split into small groups, where they discussed things like how to have a positive online presence and digital security. And then the students become the teachers.

“At the end of the day what we ask of these leaders is they’re going to come back together as a school group […] and they’re going to design a lesson, a method, a technique that they’re going to use to share back that learning within their building,” said Jill Hlavacek, director of innovation and learning with School District 203.

Cyber Awareness Month

Mayor Steve Chirico also addressed students at the event, before declaring October as Cyber Awareness Month at the city council meeting later that day.

It all ties in to KidsMatter’s mission to help children grow into successful adults.

“It’s so important that our youth understand all of the good things of the internet, but also to teach them some of the things that they need to know so it doesn’t impact them when they go into their adult life,” said KidsMatter CEO and Executive Director Kamala Martinez.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.