Knox Garden Walk 2021 in Naperville

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Knox Garden Walk

When the warmer weather arrives and flowers are in full bloom, that means it’s time for the Knox Garden Walk in Naperville.

“It’s a charity fundraiser planned by the women of Knox Presbyterian Church and you tour six beautiful gardens,” said Janice Wiles who was on this year’s planning team for the Knox Garden Walk.

Now in its fourth year, the walk gave the community a chance to take in the natural beauty, and get advice or inspiration from other homeowners.

Conservation at Home

Tom Weil’s the Conservation at Home garden is an acre and a quarter. Though it’s a big space to maintain, he’s always liked getting his hands dirty.

“I grew up on a farm. I love playing in the dirt,” said Weil. “I’ve always liked plants and trees so it’s a labor of love.”

Lynne’s Secret Garden

Lynne’s Secret Garden is also a labor of love – one that was born from working with her grandmother as a young girl.

“It just kind of stayed with me. Having things grow, and that you can plant them, water them, nurture them throughout life,” said Lynne DeConti. “So it just shares in the beauty of nature.”

Sharing their garden with the community is what these homeowners enjoyed most.

“The wonderful thing is the number of people that said they enjoyed it and it was beautiful and you know when you work hard and you make something you want to share it,” said Vince DeConti.

Proceeds Donated

Around 300 people signed up to tour the gardens this year. All proceeds from the Knox Garden Walk will go toward the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.