Land Near Aero Estates Annexed to Naperville

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Naperville City Council also approved the annexation of some property near Aero Estates.

City Council agreed with both recommendations of the plan commission regarding three parcels of land near and including the World Mission Society Church of God.

They approved the annexation and rezoning of one lot to residential, and the rest to commercial, and they rejected the variances requested Best Buy Carpet and Granite, who wanted to construct a building that would feature a showroom and an attached restaurant on one of the commercial plots.

The variances would have reduced loading space on the property and put a drive-through lane just 15 feet away from a residential back yard.

“I think that this is putting too much, and it’s certainly not what we anticipated to be there,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Boyd-Obarski. “To the neighbor’s concerns this is just the kind of thing that they were fearing.”

Neighboring Aero Estates residents are concerned the commercial use abutting their residential properties will lower their home values and bring high-speed cut through traffic to Aero Drive.

They spoke out against the commercial rezoning and development when it first came to the plan commission in December, and again as it came before City Council.

“If the church wants to annex to the City of Naperville for water, they can do so but remain residentially zoned, all of it,” said Aero Estates resident Suzette Selig. “If the church ever wants to sell, they can sell to one of the many home builders, Pulte and others, that build town homes facing 79th Street.”

Best Buy Carpet and Granite will have to draw up new plans and get any new variances approved before they can begin construction.

The World Mission Society Church of God does not currently have plans to sell or change their use of the property.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.