Land Use Master Plan Addresses Affordable Housing

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The City of Naperville and consultant Houseal Lavigne Associates recently hosted a public workshop to go over the most recent draft of Land Use Master Plan, previously titled the Comprehensive Master Plan.

“We need to craft a flexible policy and vision for the city and I think hopefully tonight we did a good job in explaining the rationale for that approach,” said Devin Lavigne, principal at Houseal Lavigne Associates.

A Guide for Development

The Land Use Master Plan is not a strict zoning map, but rather a guide for future development.

Residents shared concerns, including that all housing types were grouped into one category on the map, where previous drafts specified mixed residential and single-family homes.

City officials said this was done in order to allow more flexibility for future developments that might include various housing types.

“One of the main things coming out of the original public meetings and open houses and board commission workshop as well as the survey, is that affordability of housing within Naperville is a top priority,” said Allison Laff, deputy director of Transportation, Engineering, and Development with the city. “Based on the housing gap that was identified, we have created one residential category in order to provide more flexibility, more opportunities to try to achieve the housing needs that we’ve identified in the plan.”

Addressing Affordable Housing

A recent report presented to the housing advisory commission by consultant S.B. Friedman said 27% of Naperville households are burdened by housing costs. The city would have to add more than 5,000 affordable apartments and houses to meet the state’s recommended minimum requirements.

Naperville is the largest city in Illinois that does not meet the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s 10% threshold for affordable housing.

Provide Feedback on the Land Use Master Plan

The full Land Use Master Plan is available on the city’s website, and feedback can be provided through February 17 by emailing

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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