League of Women Voters Talk Electoral College

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The League of Women Voters Naperville recently held a special presentation about the Electoral College.

About the Presentation

The public was invited to the event at the Municipal Center, where they heard from speaker Joyce Williams, a League of Women Voters issues specialist.

She discussed how the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College, debunked myths about it, and emphasized the impact of voter turnout.

Stance on Electoral College

The presentation went hand in hand with the League’s stance to abolish the Electoral College.

“We believe it should be one person, one vote. And with the Electoral College right now it’s not. This has happened five times in the past in our country’s history that the person that got the popular vote did not win the Electoral College. And it just seems that disenfranchises everybody,” explained Toni Dautel, a member of the League’s Glenview/Glencoe group.

The League has supported this since 1970, in favor of a direct national vote for president and vice president.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.