Learning Comes in for a Landing

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Learning came in for a landing for students in Naperville North’s Health Occupations class.

“From the moment it was in the air to when it landed. It was a bunch of wind,” said senior Stefania R., describing the helicopter landing. “I never thought it would be like that, never got to see a helicopter land.”

The group has been coming to Edward Hospital each week to learn more about careers in the health care industry, and this session featured the high intensity jobs of flight paramedic and nurse.

“It’s one thing to just talk about stuff, we get a lot of presenters just talking about stuff, but it’s one thing to really see them fly in and be like ‘wow that actually happens,’” said senior Libby R.

After they landed the crew explained their jobs. Students were able to ask questions and tour the helicopter.

“We got to learn about the high intensity that it is in that small space, and how beneficial the career is and how they make a difference in people’s lives,” said Stefania.

“They’re pretty much flying paramedics and flying nurses and it was actually, honestly I could see myself doing that in the future,” said senior Gabby D.

Students must first apply and go through an interview process to be in this class. Once accepted they get the chance to visit a different department within Edward Hospital each week, giving them a first-hand look at potential careers.

“You know I think it does give them a little bit more of a realistic picture of healthcare,” said Supervisor of Volunteer Services at Edward Hospital, Pam Briggs. “I think they watch the shows on TV as we all do, but this gives them a very down to earth, a very realistic picture and it also kind of guides them a little bit to know what they might like to do in their career.”

Careers that now may reach new heights, thanks to this unique learning experience.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.