Learning Express Toys and Gifts returns to Naperville

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Learning Express Toys and Gifts officially reopened in Naperville last Friday. The news of the shop’s return was first announced last December.

The return of the well-known toy shop

This shop returns with new owners, Colleen Johnston and her husband Kevin Keegstra. They decided to bring the store back to Naperville because they were fans of the previous local Learning Express, located across Route 59, which closed in 2021.

“We loved the previous location so much. I was there with my three kids. They offered and now we offer, specialty and educational toys,” said Johnston. “We have Lego, we have plush, we have board games, we have puzzles. But we also have things that are emerging as new classics, things that kids might want to engage in that they just haven’t even seen before yet.”

But they also brought the store back to offer more playing opportunities to children in the community.

“I was a school psychologist, so child development and having things that are appropriate for children, some things to break away from the screens here and there and get the kids playing and perhaps active or outside, are more useful and feeding a soul and a spirit than just looking at a device all day,” said Johnston.

Though Learning Express Toys and Gifts has new owners, Johnston and Keegstra will offer the same services as the original store.

“We have free gift wrapping, we have free personalization, and then the kids love to come in for a chance to make their birthday box where they go around the store and personally select each of the items they would love to receive for their birthday,” said Johnston.

She said she aims to make Learning Express Toys and Gifts a staple in the Naperville community.

“We do hope that people embrace its return and love coming to shop here for not only favorite gifts, but we do like to become a huge part and integrate fully with the community,” said Johnston.

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