Fewer Parking Tickets in Naperville During Shelter in Place

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The City of Naperville will be giving fewer parking tickets during this shelter in place period.

Restrictions Eased:

Mayor Steve Chirico signed an executive order today stating that no tickets will be given for overnight parking, time-limited parking and commuter parking lot violations for the time being.

Some Citations Still Stand:

Citations will still be handed out for other stopping, standing or parking violations. These include unauthorized use of a parking spot intended for someone with a disability, blocking fire hydrants, or any other parking violations that could be deemed hazardous or restrictive of traffic flow.

Effort to Provide Relief:

The move is being made “in an effort to provide relief to residents, commuters and businesses,” according to a press release from the city.

A full list of changes to city policies and services can be found on the City of Naperville’s website. Some of those are as follows:

City Buildings Remain Closed:

All city buildings will remain closed during this stay-at-home period. However critical operations like emergency services and utility services will remain fully operational.

Garbage/Trash Service Alterations:

Garbage and recycling pick up will continue, however residents are asked to put all trash in a city-issued cart or in a trash bag. Anyone using a garbage can must put its contents in a bag.

Loose items outside of cans or carts will not be collected.

All residents must place their recycling items for pickup in a cart.

Bulk items will not be picked-up at this time.

Yard waste collection will continue. Plus, yard waste stickers are not required on bags or bundles for curbside pickup through April 7.