Lifting Senior Spirits With Some Heart

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A delivery of balloons on Valentine’s Day brought more than just smiles for Skip Meyer…

“It’s nice to be remembered,” he said.

On the lovey holiday over 900 heart-shaped balloons were inflated for the 350 residents, a thirty year old Valentine’s tradition at the DuPage Care Center.

“It’s so important because not everybody has family. My parents are no longer with me but I feel a sense of pride and joy to buy a balloon for residents and make someone smile. We’re just trying to make a few people feel happy and it’s a great thing to do,” said Janice Anderson, a member of the DuPage County Board who helped volunteer for the day.

“Well the balloons are from our families and I think that is a beautiful way of showing us that they still love us with all the things that they have gone through with us,” said resident Grace Kunesh.

But it’s not just family and friends who send them, anyone from the community is welcome to for just $3 to brighten a resident’s Valentine’s Day.

“It’s so fantastical when everybody has their balloons and everybody is so happy, even the ones that only get like one or two, they’re just so glad,” said Harley Sipp, a resident of the center.

And that happy feeling spreads to those who put the balloons together too.

“Just knowing that you’re maybe going to brighten somebody’s day by giving them a balloon,” said volunteer Gail Escareno. “I get much more out of the volunteering than I give.”

Lifting up senior spirits with some heart.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.