Line of Credit for Jaycees Park

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The future Jaycees Park will be getting a jump start in funding thanks to the solar panels included within the proposal.

Mayor Steve Chirico announced the solar panels that will be added to the roof of the Municipal Center to power the park will be bringing more money to the City of Naperville than originally thought – up to an extra $60,000 in six to nine months.

This gave the city enough of a buffer for council to feel comfortable allowing the city manager to enter into a line of credit with the Riverwalk Foundation for an amount up to $120,000.

“It’s very possible, and I don’t want to say likely, but it’s very possible that we won’t need to have any of that money tapped into,” said Chirico. “But we would like to have it available so that once this project starts, we can get it done and finish it up.”

Councilwoman Becky Anderson expressed concern that there wasn’t enough cash in hand for the project to open a line of credit at the moment.

However, the rest of the dais felt differently, voting 8-1 to pass the resolution.

Half of the funding for Jaycees Park is coming from donations from the Naperville Jaycees, but the majority of the rest is in pledges.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.