Liquor Commission Approves Drinks for DIY Studio & Talks Vaping

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You can soon expect to see “The Workbench DIY Studios” on the corner of 87th Street and Route 59 in Naperville.

The studio, which is similar to Pinots Palette, will offer hands-on classes where you can craft custom home décor. And as the liquor commission voted to expand the number of liquor licenses for recreational facilities, you can now enjoy a glass of wine or beer as you create.

At its most recent meeting, the Naperville Liquor Commission expanded the studios’ liquor license.

Also of note at that meeting, the commission heard from representatives of both school districts 203 and 204 and from 360 Youth Services about the upward trend in vaping and Juuling with teenagers.

Juuls are currently the most popular e-cigarette devices for teens to use, being very discrete and looking like USB drives.

“But it’s important that we educate our students because they do believe that this is harmless. And I think you’ll hear when Matt talks that the Juuls do have nicotine in them, they all do. And our kids do not believe that they do so we do treat it as tobacco product. We don’t know the effects because it hasn’t been around a lot so health-wise we do have concerns,” explained Nancy Voise, the assistant superintendent of secondary education at District 203.

The commission asked to continue hearing about 360 and the school districts’ efforts in learning more about vaping and Juuling.

The next liquor commission meeting will be held on May 3.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.