Liquor Commission is Considering Revising Two Licenses

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Class M License

The Naperville Liquor Commission is considering revising two liquor licenses.

The first is the Class M license, which allows places like spas and barber shops to serve alcoholic beverages.

The Commission is considering either lowering the annual license fee, changing it from a license to a permit, or removing the requirement to hold a license completely.

Mayor Steve Chirico suggested the idea, since some facilities with Class M only serve a complimentary drink, rather than sell it.

“I think that would be much more fair to these smaller shops. And that way we’re not basically criminalizing someone for giving away a courtesy drink as part of their services,” said Mayor Chirico.

There’s also a state law that doesn’t allow businesses to use alcohol for promotions or giveaways.

“Let’s make sure we’re not in conflict with the state and what our options are and if we have the option to through interpretation really define this as a licensee as someone who has it as part of their business model,” said Mayor Chirico.

The group will do more research on the topic and discuss it further at the next meeting.

Class B License

Another license discussed at the meeting was the Class B restaurant and tavern license.

Red Arrow Tap Room holds that license, and requested selling drinks in crowlers – the canned version of a growler, which is used for customers to transport craft beer.

The Mayor and other Commissioners were hesitant about the idea.

“My concern is very similar to what the mayor just brought up is it looks kind of like somebody walking around with a tallboy, that’s what we’re trying to avoid,” said Commissioner Scott Wehrli.

Another conflict with the request – there’s a prohibition on the sale of packaged goods in Downtown Naperville.

The group will consider if beverages filled onsite are considered packaged sales while also looking at how to add crowlers to the liquor code.

The Commission made a narrow 4-3 approval to research their options.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.