Liquor Commission Supports Crowlers, Opposes Axe Zone

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Crowlers and axes highlighted the most recent Naperville Liquor Commission meeting.

Red Arrow’s Request

Red Arrow Tap Room requested allowing Class B licenses the ability to sell crowlers – 32-ounce cans used to package craft beer or cider.

The commission asked Detective Dan Riggs the police department’s opinion.

“They were fine with the idea of the crowler,” said Riggs. “They did have some questions about how they were sealed though. As I understand, the crowler that we’re referring to right now has a screw off lid. They call it a resealable crowler where you can take it off and put the lid back on.”

Riggs said the NPD would be more comfortable with a can that couldn’t be resealed.

A 6-1 Recommendation

City staff said one other business besides Red Arrow had shown some interest. The commission voted 6-1 to recommend approving Red Arrow’s request, but will limit the downtown businesses using them to no more than three.

That recommendation will go to Naperville City Council for final approval.

Axe Zone Throwing Lounge

The commission also discussed Axe Zone Throwing Lounge’s request for a Class M liquor license. Axe Zone owner Mohsin Ali said he would limit patrons to two beers each or a bottle of wine per group.

But several commissioners expressed concerns that axes and liquor would be a dangerous combination, including new commissioners Karyn Charvat and Anthony Signorella, who were sworn in earlier in the meeting.

Reservations from Commissioners

“Being sworn in today, coming up hear and hearing alcohol drinking and axe throwing together in the same facility, I have my reservations on that,” said Signorella.

Commissioner Kim White also pointed out that Axe Zone’s website advertises “bring in your own food and beverages” and that the company’s Yelp page displayed images of people drinking what appeared to be beer.

Ali said there was some confusion among his staff on whether this location was BYOB, as another Axe Zone he owns is, but that it had been taken care of.

The commission voted unanimously against Axe Zone’s request. That will also go to city council.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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