Liquor Commission to Waive One Year Renewal Fees

Liquor Commission Waive Fees
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Liquor License Renewal Fees Waived

The Naperville Liquor Commission has voted to waive liquor license renewal fees until April 2021, in light of the effect the COVID-19 shutdown has had on local restaurants and taverns.

The recommendation was brought up by Commissioner Pam Davis and seconded by Kim White as part of the Liquor Commission’s monthly meeting. It was then unanimously agreed upon by the rest of the Commission. The recommendation to waive the renewal fees must be approved by Naperville City Council before taking effect.

Class B and G Licenses Excluded

The recommendation was amended to exclude Class G licenses. Their fees will continue as normal. The Class G license is for businesses like grocery stores, drug stores and other locations that serve packaged beer and wine within their larger establishment.

The waiving of renewal fees will not effect establishments on current two year renewal cycles.

Both the tobacco and liquor renewal processes had been suspended via Executive Order from Mayor Steve Chirico at the beginning of the stay-at-home order.

Two Salons Approved for License Applications

Two Naperville area salons, The Zazú Exchange and Niki Moon were approved to receive and complete the liquor license application. These would be Class M Licenses, which allow spas, barber shops and salons to serve a limited amount of alcohol to guests.

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