Little Friends Brings Inklude Studio to Casey’s

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Inklude Studio

For the first time, Little Friends held an art fair at Casey’s Foods to showcase the work done at their Inklude Studio.

“We were graciously invited by Casey’s to showcase our wonderful artists from our Inklude Art Studio. So Inklude is a therapeutic art program that’s part of our community day services program for Little Friends,” said Nicole Fox, vice president of adult day services. “We service adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Inklude is located on our Downer’s Grove campus and we service individuals anywhere from 25 to whenever they want to retire.

“Inklude has a variety of different medias that people can come and choose to work on and we have some amazing, talented individuals that can go to Inklude and express themselves through their artwork. They can also if they want choose to sell their art pieces and actually have an income for them as well.”

There were 10 artists who showed off their work to customers at the store.

“It’s glad to be here and I’m hoping we can do this for another couple of years,” said artist Steven Warzecha.

Art Fair

“We’re always wanting to bring awareness to the amazing things that our individuals do and I think today was even more important because it was really the first time we’ve been able to get out into the community after COVID,” said Fox. “It’s so nice to see people support our mission. We love what we do and so to see other people share that passion, it’s incredible.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.