Little Hats for Awareness

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February is American Heart Month and Edward Elmhurst Hospital shows that even newborns can help raise awareness.

This tiny red hat was donated as part of “Little Hats, Big Hearts,” a program by the American Heart Association and Children’s Heart Foundation. The nationwide campaign has volunteers around the country knit and crochet red hats for babies born in February.

“Cardiac disease is the number one killer in adults and is the most common birth defect for babies. So we get people all over the country that are knitting these hats and Edward hospital is participating, this is the third year I believe we are participating,” said Jill Zuleg, the Clinical Lead of the Mother/Baby Unit at Edward Hospital.

The colorful campaign particularly touched the heart of this mom.

“Definitely loved getting the hat yesterday,” said new mom Jennifer Kourlesis. “Elizabeth was born yesterday, and she lost her grandfather and he had heart disease so I think it’s very special that she got this and that she was born in February because she was never able to meet him so it means a lot.”

If you’d like to contribute to Little Hats, Big Hearts then check out the American Heart Association’s website.