Live Nativity Walk-Thru at The Compass Church

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Live Nativity Event

The Naperville campus of The Compass Church, located at 1551 East Hobson Road, held a live nativity walk-thru event. The approximately 30-minute experience is free for the community.

“We have a really fun family event where you can come on out and see the story, the Christmas story, in five different scenes. You can walk through them and hear the message of hope and joy that’s needed for all of us,” said Daniel Huffman, the children’s pastor at The Compass Church. “So what they’re going to see is five scenes with live actors and live animals and lights and audio narration. You’ll be brought through with a guide and there’s refreshments inside.

“So last year during COVID, we were trying to find something we could do that wouldn’t get canceled. And so we decided to do a drive-thru live nativity. Unfortunately there was just a very long wait. Some people waited three hours in their cars to go through it. So this year we decided let’s do that, but let’s make it a walk-thru event.

“A Message of Hope”

“The reason we wanted to do this is that during COVID, and even today, we need a message of hope and the Christmas story is just a message of love and it’s a message of hope for all people. I love the wonder that is in kids’ eyes when they see live animals and live actors and hear the story. Maybe some of them for the first time. I’m a children’s pastor so I love it when kids have their eyes wide open and are just eager to hear the Christmas story.”

The live nativity walk-thru event will take place once again at The Compass Church’s Naperville campus on Hobson Road today from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.