Local Democratic Candidates sit in Healthcare Forum

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Three democratic candidates for state and U.S. congress seats recently sat at a healthcare forum.

The forum was hosted by the Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th, and it featured Laura Ellman, candidate for Illinois’ 21st Senate District, Terra Costa Howard, candidate for Illinois’ 48th District State Representative, and Sean Casten, candidate for Illinois’ 6th U.S. Congressional District.

They fielded questions about the United States’ healthcare system and how they would like to change or improve it.

“Insurance works by pooling risk, the more people that are in the pool the less the cost. Universal Healthcare makes sense because those are the largest pools,” said Ellman.

“Every single country that has universal healthcare has lower costs than the United States and better health outcomes,” said Casten. “That is a really simple piece of math.”

The incumbents they are challenging, Michael Connelly, Peter Breen, and Peter Roskam, were invited but did not attend.

Peter Roskam and Sean Casten did recently face off in a debate, which is viewable in full on C-SPAN online.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.