Local Girl Can’t Believe Her Bedroom Makeover

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Jaw drops, and looks of amazement filled the faces of everyone inside Megan Sporny’s newly designed bedroom. A swing, makeup station, and running medals were all a part of the bohemian-themed room.

It had special meaning for Megan who was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall.

Megan Couldn’t Believe Her Bedroom Makeover

“It’s an amazing feeling to feel everyone being able to support me through everything that I’ve gone through,” said Megan. “I don’t even know them and have them able to do this for me, is just truly an amazing feeling.”

Megan’s room was revamped in just one day by Special Spaces, a nonprofit that supports kids who have cancer by decorating their room.

Special Spaces Bedroom Makeover

“We’re really proud in Illinois we say yes to every child who applies. Anybody ages three to 19, and who has cancer that lives in one of our counties,” said Special Spaces Illinois Director Kelly Knox.

And Megan’s room wasn’t the only one that got a refresh. Her brother Andrew also received a room makeover.

How Was This Possible?

Continental Motors of Naperville and the Neuqua Valley Special Spaces group each contributed the $2,000 needed for the rooms. Leading the Wildcat group was Steven Matusik, who was inspired after his brother Sam, who has special needs, got a special room of his own in 2016.

“There’s a lot of positive energy here today and a lot of fun. But we’re all in the mindset of helping out as much as we possibly can,” said Matusik. “This day ultimately means that everyone is coming together in their community for the cause of changing children’s lives one bedroom at a time.”

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.