Local Naperville massage business owner arrested for battery

Local Naperville Massage Business Owner Arrested for Battery and License Violation
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On Friday, March 15, Naperville police arrested the owner of Yang Rising, located at  25 S. Washington St., Suite 212, in Naperville, following an investigation of a report of battery.

Naperville resident Austin J. Arianoutsos, 35,  is charged with misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, according to a news release from the Naperville Police Department. Authorities say he allegedly made unwanted contact of a sexual nature with a client on Jan. 5, 2024. 

Practicing without a massage license

Arianoutsos has also been charged with practicing massage therapy without a license. Naperville police say those charges were added after they learned that his license had been placed in “Refuse to Renew” status by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation as a result of “unprofessional conduct associated with unprofessional and immoral conduct as exhibited by sexual misconduct during the course of providing massage for compensation services to a client.”

Naperville police unsure if there were additional victims

Naperville Police ask anyone who may have experienced similar contact with Arianoutsos to reach out to the Naperville Police Deparment’s Investigations Division at (630) 420-6665.

DuPage County court records show his next court date as Aprtil 18.

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