Local Restaurants Recruit Santa and the Grinch to Make Deliveries

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Grinch Meal Deliveries

You may want to keep an eye out for mean old Mr. Grinch who’s moved on from roast beast – to tasty takeout.

A Naperville brother and sister teamed up to bring Grinch Meal Deliveries to the Ashbury subdivision and South Naperville area.

“The kids are kind of trapped in the house and there’s not much really for them to do anymore so we figured we might as well be able to drop them off some food and have a good time with the Grinch coming along,” said Alyssa Dunn who co-runs the Grinch Meal Deliveries.

Alex Dunn felt his own heart grow three sizes being able to help give kids a special holiday experience.

“We just wanted to create something that gave them the opportunity to have this kind of Christmas experience they normally would have every single year,” said Alex.

You can text the Dunns at 630-460-2902 until December 22 to request a food delivery from a nearby restaurant of your choice.

Chop’d in Plainfield

Chop’d in Plainfield invited the Grinch and his new friend Olaf to stop by families’ cars as they picked up their dinners.

The two greeted kids, kept them company, and even put on little dance as they waited for their food.

“This year in particular, it’s so much nicer to see the kids’ reactions, to see how excited they get. I mean their eyes just light up and it’s such a fun experience for the parents, for the kids, for us, said Angela Catoire, manager at Chop’d.

Little Pops

And of course, it wouldn’t be a holiday delivery without Santa.

Little Pops in Naperville asked Santa to lend his delivery skills to bring kids their meals instead of presents.

“The kids’ faces are just gleaming and I think that’s what really makes us as owners excited and the team gets excited.” Mike Nelson, owner of Little Pops.

Reservations filled up within the first four hours. Because it was sold out quickly, the restaurant is offering a socially-distanced meet and greet with Santa at their Naperville location.

Santa will be waiting by his sleigh on December 19 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Aurelio’s Pizza

But if you really want a personal visit from St. Nick – Aurelio’s Pizza has requested the man in red himself to help out on special deliveries through December 23.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.