Local Ring Bearers Meet their Cubs

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It only takes a glance to see what a big Cubs fan Still Middle School teacher Melissa Hurd is. The earrings, nails and outfit and classroom she teaches in says it all.

Which is why her brother made a video nominating her to be among the 20 individuals who got to hand out World Series Rings to the Cubs players, and she won.

“February 25, I’ll never forget this, my husband got a message from the Cubs, an email sharing the big news and he of course shared it with me, and the worst part of it was I was told I couldn’t tell anybody,” explained Hurd.

She kept that secret until March 7, when the news went public that she and 19 others were heading to Wrigley Field to meet the World Series Champions and hand them their rings.

About a month later, the day was finally here. She stepped onto the field, 108 diamond-encrusted ring in hand, and met her Cub.

“It was so surreal I’m still pinching myself still looking at pictures and video. I am on a total adrenaline high now. I can’t put into words the experience it was just so memorable, such an incredible opportunity that I was so honored to be chosen for,” said Hurd.

Each fan was matched with a player, and got the uniform to go with it-Melissa’s being Kyle Schwarber.

“He’s walking toward me I’m thinking wow, how far he has come since last April and the impact on the team, and me being able to thank him from all the fans and give him this big ring, that is so meaningful for history and sports in general,” she added.

Joining her on the field was Naperville resident Joanne Hareer thanks to her granddaughter’s nomination.

What was a historic night in Cubs history will also go down as a grand slam for them both.

“Never be topped I don’t think it could be, never say never, never say never,” joked Hurd.

Each ring bearer was able to stay for the entire game and was able to keep their custom jersey.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.