Local Vet is Gifted a New Car

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A local veteran received a special gift from a former Chicago Bears player.

Alyssa Tatar was without reliable transportation for four months after a car accident and some red tape with her GI bill. Then the Jason Mckie Foundation came along to help provide her with her own ride.

When the single mom of four and Marine vet heard about the nonprofits gift, she was more than a little excited to take it for a spin.

“I’m so nervous and I don’t know why I’m nervous,” said Tatar, who served in the Marines for four years. “But I’m very excited and relieved that I can finally have a vehicle to take my kids to where they need to go, to where I need to go and not [worry]. The stress – it’s just lifted, I can breathe and it feels really great.”

The foundation partnered with Allstate and Muller Automotive Group, along with IL State Representative Linda Chapa Lavia, to donate the new 2017 Dodge Caravan to Tatar.

The Jason Mckie Foundation has donated service dogs, furniture, paid rent and utilities, and provided many other services to local veterans.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.