Lock it or Lose it for June’s Safer Naper

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With the start of June comes a new Safer Naper topic from the Naperville Police Department.

Burglary prevention is the focus of Safer Naper this month.

“The reason we chose this month is it’s getting warmer and the summer months. When it’s getting warmer there’s more opportunities of crime to occur: people breaking into cars and houses,” said Sergeant Brad Marsh of the police department.

The top tip from the NPD – Lock it or Lose it. Lock your car, house and garage doors, and windows too, especially when you aren’t home. You can also secure sliding doors with a wooden rod along the bottom track.

It’s recommended to keep a couple lights on to create the illusion of being home if you’re not, draw the curtains or shades to prevent viewing from the street, and keep valuables out of sight in your car and at home.

At this point last year Naperville had about 136 break ins reported. This year that number has dropped to 85.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.