Lovesac Showroom Could Be Coming To Downtown Naperville

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At the latest Planning and Zoning Commission meeting the group approved a variance to allow for a Lovesac showroom to open in Downtown Naperville.

Lovesac Showroom’s Potential Location

The 1,400 square foot store would be located at 12 W. Jefferson Avenue, which is typically designated for businesses with heavy foot traffic like restaurants and stores.

Lovesac would have a showroom for furniture to be ordered, but also on-site retail sale of home accessories and décor.

Known for their big Lovesacs, the company also offers sofa-style Sactionals, with a focus on sustainability.

“Every three-section-couch is made of about 1,100 recycled plastic bottles. I think that’s an important attribute” said Clary Groen, Lovesac’s vice president of Real Estate. “The second thing is the fact that an average u.s. consumer is going to own about four couches in their lifetime, and those couches get dispose of into landfills. With us, you just have to buy one and it last you your entire lifetime.

Lovesac would replace resale shop Serendipity, which hopes to move to a new location in Naperville. Lovesac will now go to city council for a final review.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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