Lucky Penny Diner & Deli Featured on 101.9 The MIX

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Lucky Penny Diner & Deli

Radio station 101.9 The MIX has been featuring a restaurant a day to help local businesses as they’ve shifted their operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

This morning, Lucky Penny Diner & Deli in Naperville was in the spotlight.

“Yesterday I received a call from 101.9 The MIX’s Eric Ferguson and he was telling me about this program they have on the morning show,” said Penny Gounaris, owner of Lucky Penny Diner & Deli. “They choose a restaurant of the day and do a short interview with the owner and then they send out the road crew to promote us. And it’s sole purpose is to take small businesses, small mom and pop places, in communities to help them, keep them alive.”

Support from Customers

“Somebody had talked about it, one of our customers, and that he had submitted our name. I had no idea what he was talking about. And then Eric said he received many emails and that because of the amount of emails, he needed to reach out to The Lucky Penny.

Our guests become our family and we miss that. I mean sometimes it’s so quiet in here because we keep the music off so we can hear the guests calling, it’s creepy almost because the restaurant’s always so full of life and without it, there’s a piece of us missing.

We spoke a little bit afterwards and he said, ‘Penny, your community loves what you do. I felt wonderful, I felt appreciated. I felt that all these years of hard work is paying off.”

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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