Mall of India to Have A Self-Serve Alcohol Kiosk

Mall of India to Have A Self-Serve Alcohol Kiosk
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The Mall of India in Naperville located at 776 Illinois Rte 59, will soon have a self-serve alcohol kiosk in its food court. Yesterday the City of Naperville’s Liquor Commission granted the mall a Class B Liquor License with a dispenser permit.

Self-Serve Alcohol Kiosk

“So they’re going to be doing self-service beer and wine,” said Senior Assistant City Attorney at the City of Naperville Jennifer Lutzke. “It will be in a separate part of the mall. They’ll basically have someone monitoring that and the [kiosk] will have a special card similar to other concepts in Naperville like Wine 64 where they pre-fill a card, put the card in, and then serve themselves.”

Those wishing to enjoy a beer or wine will also need to wear a wristband, and will be monitored by video surveillance said Lutzke.

She added that alcoholic beverages may only be consumed within the food court, business lounge and the area in between those locations.

What Can Community Members Expect?

“For the consumers they’ll be able to pick alcohol as well as choose from the 10 restaurants we have at the Mall of India,” said Mall of India’s Vice President Ajay Sunkara. “Similarly in the business lounge any business meeting or small office bodies they’ll be able to have their own drinks.”

The Mall of India requested the liquor license over a year ago, but were delayed because of the pandemic and because they requested a dispenser permit, which was inspired by the Tapville concept at the Fox Valley Mall.

“Right now it’s under architectural drawings, so hopefully we should be up and running by the end of October, early November,” Sunkara said.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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