Mammals and More Visit Naperville Library

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Kids and critters both gathered at the Naperville Public Library for some hands-on learning.

Nichols Library hosted the Flying Fox Conservation Fund, who brought animals small and large to teach kids about the importance of protecting threatened and endangered species.

“The Flying Fox Conservation Fund is the protection of old world fruit bats. So they are large bats, some of them not all of them, and they seed disperse and they help to keep the rainforest balanced and going,” said Christine Gomoll with the Flying Fox Conservation Fund.

Over 100 kids came out to get a first hand experience with some of these animals, like Pooh the kinkajou, Sheldon the three-banded armadillo and Steve the sloth.

There was also a bat-eared fox, a pancake tortoise and a lesser hedgehog tenrec.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.