Media Adapting to Working from Home

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With only “essential” workers like garbage collectors, grocery store employees, and police officers going into work during the state-mandated shelter-in-place order, many have been forced to turn their homes into offices while working from home.

Media Working from Home As Well

That includes members of the media, like 95.9 The River’s Danielle Tufano, who’s been broadcasting and working from home since her show returned from Mexico in mid-March.

“Since they wanted everyone to be separate, Scott has been at his home in Geneva, I’ve been at my home in Montgomery, our traffic reporter is now at his home in Chicago, so we have to find a way to connect all three of us and get us on the air without somebody in the studio pushing the actual buttons,” said Tufano, co-host of The River’s morning show.

Embracing the Content

And though The River has been embracing the content that staying at home brings…

“It seems like every time we went live on the air, my dog would start squeaking on his toy,” joked Tufano. “So things like that we would have fun with and still poke fun at each other.”

…it does make things a little bit more difficult.

“[There’s] little technical glitches that happen all the time and if I was at the station when something like that happened it would be a lot easier to fix than being off-site, not being able to see what’s going on,” she said.

NCTV17 is No Exception

Many news reporters are in a similar boat, doing our best to shelter-in-place. At NCTV17, our reporters normally record in our studio and voiceover booth, but right now we’re making do at home.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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