MERIT Task Force

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DuPage County has a new countywide crimes task force.

What is MERIT?

The Metropolitan Emergency Response and Investigation Team, or MERIT Task Force, consolidated the DuPage County Felony Investigative Team and Major Crimes Task Force.

“We wanted to streamline our services,” said DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick. “So what MERIT does is, routine patrol is still everybody’s routine patrol. That hasn’t changed. But anything of large caliber – god forbid like a terrorist or a shooting – a high caliber incident like that we will be able to have more cohesive, controlled response.”


MERIT also streamlines training, pools equipment, and allows for geographic responsiveness with surrounding police forces.

“So since it’s coming from a closer geography where the police officers live, you’re going to get a quicker response so it’s shorter response times,” added Sheriff Mendrick. “Also with these combined services you’re going to get many more people that we can push into a situation if it’s cascading, if it’s large.”

Naperville’s Part

Naperville is one of 36 municipal police departments in DuPage to join the MERIT Task Force.

The Reception Thus Far

MERIT went live on August 1, and Sheriff Mendrick said it has already effectively responded to four call outs that have worked out very well.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.