Milestone Package For Operation Support Our Troops

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The two-millionth pound care package from Operation Support Our Troops was sent to active military members.

Making it extra special was Medal of Honor recipient, Allen Lynch, who helped the volunteers.

“It was wonderful to pack that box don’t get me wrong, but there’s two million pounds that gone out. And because of this [Medal of Honor] I got the glory to pack that one box. The credit goes to everyone you see behind me and around,” said Lynch.

Nearly 16 years ago, Bill and Deb Rickert wanted to send their son, who was West Point, a care package. The two never envisioned that the non-profit would become what is today, but wanted to keep a promise.

“When we started this we had no idea it would go this long. This many years later [or] we’d even still have troops to send packages to. But, we said early on, our slogan was ‘as long as they are there we will be here,’” said Deb Rickert, a co-founder of Operation Support Our Troops

The couple started in their kitchen, then moved to their garage, and now in their current space where the milestone was reached.

“We’re celebrating sending our two-millionth pound to our deployed troops. It’s kind of a bittersweet moment. As much as we’re celebrating with our volunteers we want to support our troops,” said Bill Rickert, co-founder of Operation Support Our Troops

Packaging a piece of home, for those who are protecting it.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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