Millennials Take On Houseplant Trend

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Not everyone has a green thumb, but many millennials are taking to the trend and making it a part of their lifestyle.

What’s the Statistic?

“We figure that probably one out of five shoppers is a millennial. So younger generations are definitely into the health kind of kick. And so [we’ve] definitively seen more purchases in the houseplant arena,” said Derek Phillip, vice president of retail operations for Phillip’s Flowers.

But having houseplants wasn’t always so popular.

“There’s been a period of time where plants kind of have definitely declined as far as a purchase,” said Phillip. “And now it’s nice to see that market building back up again. And definitely, I would say, that the millennial generation is playing a strong role in that.”

Growing Online

Take it from a millennial herself, who sees the houseplant trend growing firsthand.

“But I definitely think that our generation, as more people have [plants] and we’re on social media and are posting more pictures about them and why we love them, that kind of spreads the news and people are like ‘maybe I should get a plant too,’” explained Anna Halverson, a junior at North Central College and a part of its Office of Sustainability.

It’s even stemmed the #PlantsofInstagram.

Both online and in person, millennials are seeing the benefits of bringing nature into the home.

Houseplant Benefits

“It’s proven that they provide a positive energy, increase positive mood, [and] productivity; it’s a form of life that they’re really grasping onto,” added Phillip.

While Halverson pursues her degree in environmental studies, she thinks that today, non-gardeners her age are eager to adopt houseplants because it brings the backyard they don’t have into their living space.

“It’s also really nice when you’re at school and you’re away from home to make it feel a little homier and have something that’s yours to take care of,” she said. “Especially if you can’t have your pets from home or things like that. It’s something that you can kind of put some care into and get reward from that. “

Helping you plant roots wherever you may go.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.