More Events Could be Coming to Solemn Oath

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Solemn Oath Brewery could soon be holding more events throughout the year.

Founder of the brewery, John Barley, asked the Naperville Liquor Commission to increase its yearly events from two per year to 12, under its Class P liquor license.

“We’re always as a brewery, as a company in general, our goal is to get our beer into somebody’s hands,” said Barley. “Our best marketing tool, our best experience that anybody can have with Solemn Oath is by coming out to the brewery and by us walking them through that.”

Barley also requested the removal of the three drink serving limit and the removal of language around serving only Solemn Oath-made product.

All commissioners unanimously approved all of these requests to be sent to Naperville City Council; however, they noted caution toward future license holders.

“I’m not worried about you, I’m worried about the next ten that are going to come in that maybe we have a track record or maybe we don’t. But that’s not your issue. So for here and now today I’m going to be supportive.”

Also of note at the meeting, Sean Quinn presented his “Craft and Draft” taproom and store premise to the commission.

The concept was unlike any other operation in Naperville, sharing similarities to Glen Ellyn’s “The Beer Cellar,” which sells beer and wine on premise and has packaged products to purchase.

The concept was tabled until next month, so commissioners can learn more about it and have Quinn come back with a potential location.

“Tasting Devine” also received approval at the meeting for a raise to their Class S license 18-ounce limit on their products.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.