Morning Movies at Ogden 6

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Ogden 6 is once again hosting their Wednesday Morning Movie Series.

Tickets to select kids movie are just $1 each Wednesday morning in the summer. Kicking off on June 7 and going through August 9, some of this year’s titles include the “Secret Life of Pets”, “Trolls”, and “Sing”. There are also two surprise movies at the end of the summer that have not yet been announced.

“The movie’s only $1 and it’s a great opportunity, especially for somebody who’s never taken their child to a movie; this is a great way to take them. And at a buck, hey if it doesn’t go well or something you’ve only invested a dollar in the movie and you’re in a full auditorium with kids having a great time,” said Mark Mazrimas, the Marketing Director at Classic Cinemas.

All ages are invited to the shows, and doors open at 9 a.m. for fun and games in the lobby. There are also children’s snack packs available for purchase.

The Wednesday Morning Movie Series takes place at all of Classic Cinemas’ theaters.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.