Moser Tower Restoration or Demolition Fate Delayed

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The Naperville Riverwalk Commission has delayed voting on whether they’ll pass their remodeling recommendation or the demolition of Moser Tower to Naperville City Council.

Last month, the commission said they were going to vote on their decision in May’s meeting, but local experts, acting as quality control, recommended they should do some mathematical structuring of Moser Tower.

“This modeling will show where the stresses and strains will be. We can compare that to where we’ve seen the different cracks and all, said Director of T.E.D for the City of Naperville Bill Novack. “And just confirm it’s operating and functioning as it should by the model.”

What Are The Costs to Repair or Demolish?

Initial reports have shown corrosion and concrete deterioration within the structure. Fixing that could run from $1.3 million to $2.4 million, or the commission could demolish Moser Tower, which would cost $660,000.

The group is unsure if the modeling will find new repairs, but want to be sure of cost estimates before presenting their report to city council.

“More importantly we wanted to make sure that the budget we developed wasn’t going to be modified in any way because of the outcomes of the reports we wanted the information that everyone had is as accurate as possibly can,” said Geoff Roehll, chairman of Naperville’s Riverwalk Commission. “The additional study hopefully will not change that but at least we check that off the list.”

When Will a Decision be Made on Moser Tower?

The Riverwalk Commission will take the next couple of months to do mathematical modeling of Moser Tower and said they will vote in early fall which is when the council will start working on next year’s budget.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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