Mosquitoes Arrive Early with Fury

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They may be tiny, but they’re a very big nuisance and a potential health issue. Mosquitoes have arrived in full force in the Naperville area.

Mosquitoes Arrive Early

Fredric Miller: “This year they seem to be a lot earlier. I was out in early to mid May in some of the forest preserves here in DuPage County and they just come after you, they just swarm you.”

According to Fredric Miller, the senior scientist of entomology at the Morton Arboretum, heavy rains in April and May have allowed for mosquitoes to breed and appear earlier in the summer. And some of the items in your backyard may be to blame.

How to Protect against Mosquitoes

“Anything that collects water in your backyard, you want to empty that out on a regular basis. Birdbaths, even the little saucers or bowls underneath big pots, empty those out. Those are all breeding sources and those can contribute to the overall numbers.”

Individuals can take precautions as well. Miller says covering up is the most effective method – dressing for the environment to limit the amount of skin that’s exposed to mosquitoes.

 West Nile Virus

If you are bitten, the West Nile virus is an annual danger – but particularly this year.

“Part of the problem is it mimics the flu, you have a lot of flu-like symptoms. Now, we all know how that’s working with the virus, with COVID. So, you’ve got these various pathogens out there affecting humans that give them very similar symptoms.”

The DuPage County Health Department tracks the virus and has created a Personal Protective Index on their website, which is updated every Wednesday to indicate the risk level of West Nile.

Should covering up not be possible or practical, repellent is the next best practice to reduce your risk for contracting the West Nile virus.

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman