Muslims and Jews Unite in Solidarity

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The Time for Solidarity

Standing together, the Muslim and Jewish communities embraced each other’s faith in a difficult time.

About 65 Muslims from the Islamic Center of Naperville stood in solidarity with the Jewish community in front of Congregation Beth Shalom.

They came out to show their support after the Poway shooting at a synagogue last week.

“This act of just nonsense violence against innocent people just out of not having tolerance, respect towards the religion faith. And so I felt that we need to show an act of compassion and just to respond to evil by good,” said Atif Fakhruddin, board member and treasurer at ICN.

A Personal Connection

Jennifer Weiner lives in Aurora, but Poway is her hometown.

“As soon as I turned on the news, you couldn’t help but cry. Another shooting, this time in my hometown where I grew up, the rabbi I know. These faces that are on the news are my neighbors that I’ve known for 40-something years,” said Weiner.

It’s neighbors and total strangers standing side by side as the sun sets to show their unity.

“Words can’t describe it. But they feel it, I know they feel it. Because we’ve done the same thing for them, that we are stronger when we are together,” said Weiner.

“What touched me the most today is how all the Muslims lined up along helping us, when we got here like encouraging us and I really like that,” said Jennifer Weiner’s son, Matthew.

After standing outside, both groups went in for their prayers.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.