Naperville-Based Company Creates National Blood Plasma Registry

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Naperville-Based Company Sahave

Naperville-based company Sahave is founded by Pradeep Kandimalla, a native of India. His goal five years ago was to set out and create an app allowing for more efficient communication between social activists.

“Our organization is making that happen as a platform, as a service… founded on a passion to foster social activism. And create the means for organizations and communities to get together to do good.”

Testing the platform in India, focusing on blood donations, Kandimalla was surprised to see a system stretched thin in the US.

“When we dig deeper into the data that has been complicated by blood centers so far, even up to today, we notice that about a thousand people per day are facing death because of blood shortages, just in the US.”

COVID-19 Implications

The problem worsens internationally, and became increasingly dire with the introduction of the coronavirus. With no current cure available for COVID-19, various studies have shown the promise of donated plasma from people who had previously recovered from the virus as a treatment.

Kandimalla pivoted. Sahave is now the first national COVID-19 plasma donors registry, set up to assist health care providers and patients in finding potentially life saving resources.

“Sympathy and empathy have changed with new generations so that’s how I started to look at how do we tap the human potential so that we can save lives. So that’s the initiation of this project.”

How to Find Sahave

An app available to download, Sahave recently became HIPAA compliant. For more information visit

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman