Naperville Business Leaders Discuss Creating Sustainability

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The Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force recently held a workshop for businesses to share ideas on creating sustainability in Naperville.

Business Leader Suggestions

Business leaders from small to large companies gathered at the municipal center for a round table discussion on topics such as incentive programs for businesses who are environmentally friendly.

Christine Jefferies, who represents over 300 businesses as the president of Naperville Development Partnership, said the city does offer an Electrical Efficiency Grant to businesses, which can be up to $20,000, but thinks it can be improved.

“Spread it out so that it is not only the guy who’s changing the light bulbs in March. It needs to be, I think, spread out through the year and let people pace having the opportunity to go after those funds,” said Jefferies.

City of Naperville Green Programs

Naperville also offers the Renewable Energy Grant program to businesses, which has a longer application deadline and offers businesses a maximum $50,000 reimbursement.

The group also discussed ways they can reduce emission waste and strategies on how to preserve natural resources.

“We’re going to take feedback like this, as well as the research we’ve been doing with other nearby communities, to make some recommendations to the city council in terms of how we can actually raise our ambition and make naperville a place for my kids and their grandkids to live for a long, long time. Mike nicholus – co-chair Naperville environment and sustainability task force

On January 25 the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force will have a workshop for residents at the 95th Street Library.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.