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Downtown Naperville opens their doors to over ten new businesses.

“In downtown Naperville, we have over 150 shops,” said Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance, Katie Wood.

But there’s still room for more. New businesses are arriving in some familiar places.

The old Starbucks on Jefferson Street is turning into a new cosmetic store.

“Blue Mercury will be opening very soon, that’s a cosmetic skin care provider. They’re going to be opening up at Main and Jefferson very soon. Places like Dry Bar, which is located at Jefferson and Webster, they’re a great place to go get your hair done,” said Wood.

Down the street where Baubles used to be is now home to a new retail store.

“We also have a few new apparel businesses, Denim & Soul just opened on Jefferson. Also J. McLaughlin, another men’s and women’s retail business that opened up on Main,” said Wood.

Moving over to Washington Street, several new businesses are on the rise.

“New restaurants, Aloha Poke, is going to be opening up on Washington, in addition to a new bakery called Le Pain Quotiden,” said Wood.

Some other new shops that recently opened on Washington include Board & Barrel, and Savory Spice.

The new businesses in the area allow a wide variety of shopping for the upcoming holiday season.

“It’s easy to sit in front of your computer and buy online, but these businesses and the people that work within them really rely on people’s patronage all year long but certainly at the holiday season,” said Wood.

As new shops come in, an old favorite says goodbye.

Country Curtains, which has been serving Downtown Naperville for ten years, will be closing their curtains for good.

“You know there’s a lot of longtime consumers that have shopped there and so obviously they’re very sad. They’ll have to choose to go elsewhere for their décor and drapery and stuff like that product,” said Wood.

Country curtains will remain open until the end of December.

Another shop that closed their doors is Aroma Roots Bath & Body. They are now located in the Oswego area.

Naperville News 17’s Dimitri Villanueva reports.