Naperville Celebrates National Night Out

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Neighborhoods across town gathered Tuesday to celebrate and meet city officials for Naperville’s 25th National Night Out.  About 40 neighborhoods took part, hosting block parties with food trucks, music, and games in support of police. 

A Community Together

Naperville police officers, firefighters, and other city personnel visited each neighborhood to take part in the fun and connect with the community. 

“It’s great to see everybody out, especially after the tough year we had in 2020.  And it’s good for us to get out and engage with the community, build those inroads, build those relationships,” Naperville Police Commander Michaus Williams said.

Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said the event is also a great way to bring the community together.  

“A lot of people come in, move in and move out of neighborhoods and you don’t realize it until you have a community event like this.  And it’s a good chance to come out and just meet everybody in a family friendly way, you know, that strengthens neighborhoods,” Chirico said.

A Night Against Crime

Also known as “America’s Night Out Against Crime,” National Night Out highlights crime and drug prevention by building stronger neighborhood bonds and a positive relationship between police and the community. 

According to Naperville Park District Police Sergeant Mike Maher, “We want to make sure that (kids) know they can come to us when they get in trouble and they need help, and we’re not here to judge, we’re here to fix a problem.”

2020 Skipped

After 2020’s event was canceled due to the pandemic, Tuesday night’s celebration was a welcome return.

“Just to be able to interact and see each other in person again after COVID is just so warm and welcoming and blessing, and so we’re just really happy to be out and about and doing this this evening,” Naperville Councilwoman Patty Gustin said.  

Donations For Seniors

The event also provided a chance to donate to the DuPage Senior Citizens Council, thanks to a partnership with the City of Naperville.  Building bonds, fighting crime and strengthening community – all in a night’s work.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Flanagan reports.  

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