Naperville Chamber Hears from College of DuPage President

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The College of DuPage celebrates 50 years this year and discussed what’s in the books for the next 50.

A chamber luncheon was recently held with the new College of DuPage president as a featured speaker.

Dr. Ann Rondeau highlighted the opportunities COD provides to their wide range of students, new business developments, and budding partnerships.

“A number of those also include, not only our helping of small business and entrepreneurs, but also the kinds of workforce, project development jobs that we are able to have with industry, manufacturers, and all of the many leaders of business and education around the entire district,” said Dr. Rondeau.

In mid-2016 Dr. Rondeau took lead of the college, which had gone through financial controversy under the leadership of former president Robert Breuder.

Since then, she’s worked to improve their image and status as the second largest provider of undergraduate education in the state.

“And we truly believe that COD is a gem and a treasure, not only again for the county but the state and all of our people who we serve,” said Dr. Rondeau.

The president added that Naperville continues to be a growing part of their community.

“We look forward to having Naperville be more so as your families, and your students, and anybody who wants to go to a school, comes to understand the kinds of values that we have,” said Dr. Rondeau.

Valuing education and new opportunities for all their students.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.