Naperville Chamber Hosts Republican Leader Durkin

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The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a legislative forum.

Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin served as the keynote speaker, providing his personal take on the special legislative session that took place in Springfield for over two weeks this summer.

During that session a budget was introduced by democratic leadership that includes the personal income tax rate going from 3.75 to 4.95 percent. This legislation was passed with the help of republican votes, something Durkin is unhappy about.

“The members who voted at the end of the day, made the wrong decision because we still had time to negotiate this out,” said Leader Durkin, who represents District 82 in the Illinois House of Representatives. “And to walk away at the last minute without accomplishing what we had been trying to do for three years, and that’s to structurally reform Illinois, get us back on a balanced budget, and to make reasonable, responsible cuts.”

That sentiment is echoed by republican State Senator Michael Connelly, who attended the forum.

“There’s no way that this district wants a tax increase without any structural reforms to the way state government does business. The people in this district, rightfully, don’t trust that their money going to Springfield is going to be spent wisely and prudently,” said Senator Connelly, who represents District 21 in the Illinois Senate. “And I think that’s why the Governor demanded, and rightfully so, structural reforms to the way we do business in Illinois; there are none here. And that’s why I voted no.”

While no democratic lawmakers were at the forum, the politicians that were believe another special session must take place to work on the school funding formula.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.