Naperville City Council Could Update Rules Regulating Motor Vehicle Tows

Naperville City Council
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Naperville City Council is planning to take a first look at updating the city’s rules regulating motor vehicle tows during Tuesday’s meeting. Officials would like to repeal and replace the language in sections of an existing ordinance outlining the police towing system and towing procedure for motor vehicles.

What to Expect

The topic could be addressed by the city council later this month barring any action taken to cast a vote separate of the items grouped under the consent agenda, waiving the first reading and giving the rules consideration at Tuesday’s meeting.

Proposed Changes

Among the changes in the ordinance is the addition of language outlining how a vehicle can be towed if it is located in a river, lake, pond, swimming pool, field, tree or other extreme situation and requires extensive work to prepare it for towing. The existing rules do not define what happens if a vehicle needs to be recovered before it’s towed.

It also reduces the number of light duty police towing licenses authorized by the city from 13 to 11 and specifies license and training requirements for all licensees.

Additionally, any vehicle not claimed by a registered owner within 35 days of notice will be disposed of. The existing rules allow up to 60 days before a vehicle can be deemed unclaimed and discarded in accordance to the law.

The ordinance also codifies certain fee increases for tows performed in the city under the orders of the police department.

The Naperville City Council next meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Naperville Municipal Center.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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