Naperville Council Nixes Quarterly Permits at Parkview Commuter Lot

Naperville Council
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The Naperville City Council eliminated quarterly parking permits as part of the city code regulating access to the Parkview commuter lot near the downtown Metra station. The decision reduces the city’s total number of parking spaces dedicated to those with quarterly permits from 1,983 to 1,773, while increasing the number of daily fee parking spaces from 1,257 to 1,374, according to council documents.

The conversion at the Parkview commuter lot will provide parking for 122 daily fee users and 12 accessible users. Previously, the lot accommodated 129 quarterly permit holders and 8 accessible spaces.

The daily fee to park in the Parkview lot will be $5, according to council documents.

Why Now?

Officials have said the amendment is necessary to being proactive and taking into account changes in commuter parking habits as the region reopens and COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Parking has long been an issue for some people who commute in and around Naperville.

Jen Louden, deputy director for the transportation, engineering and development business group, has said the city believes it has adequate parking options for people to use.

Those with quarterly parking permits to the Parkview lot will be allowed to use the Burlington lot moving forward.

Daily Parking Fees Discussed

Council action also codifies a change made in recent years to double the daily parking fees at all the other city-owned lots.

Louden wanted it to be clear that no fee increase is currently on the table for the city’s daily parking fee lots.

The council finds the amendment will help the city to better promote access to parking.

Naperville News 17’s Megann Horstead reports.

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