Naperville Demands Police Accountability Rally; Facebook Live

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Police Accountability Rally

Hundreds gathered at Cantore Park on May 31 for the Naperville Demands Police Accountability rally in response to George Floyd’s death. The peaceful event was hosted by a group, Minorities and Diversity Living in Naperville. The rally began with speakers telling their stories.


“My daughter recites the pledge of allegiance everyday and she says ‘mom, where is my justice?’ said speaker Cecilia Garcia. “Why is it that she would wakes up wishing that she was white?”

“It seems like we always come together when something negative happens. It’s time that we stand together all the time,” said speaker, Andy Williams Jr.

“We have so much more in common, but we are in a society that focuses so much on what our differences are,” said speaker Dana Davenport. “That creates fear, that ignites insecurity, that creates power struggles.”

Moment of Silence

It was then followed by a reading of 26 individuals who died in police incidents. The names were read one by one as each person held up a picture. They then took a moment of silence.

Organizers hope the rally will raise awareness to police brutality, and put pressure on law enforcement to charge the three other officers involved in George Floyd’s death.

This feed was live and unedited, so we apologize for any graphic language or images that may appear.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.

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