Naperville Food Truck Festival

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Chinese food, lobster rolls, s’mores, you name the food they probably had it at the first annual Naperville Food Truck Festival. Nearly 30 trucks, all different shapes and sizes, parked their delicious vehicles on the Naper Settlement’s grounds trying their best to fill the community’s appetite.

The event was a huge hit with over 3,000 people expected to attend.

“The Naperville Food Truck Festival it has been a couple years in the making. I’ve had my eye on Naper Settlement for a while now and I’m very excited to actually make it happen,” said Alessandro Vazquez, president and founder of Brew Avenue Events. “We’ve got a lot of great local vendors, we’ve got a beer garden, we’ve got some fun games and it’s right here in the heart of Naperville.”

What Did Food Truckers Had to Say About The Event?

Food truckers enjoyed the unique opportunity to park up vehicles on Naperville’s historical grounds.

“First of all, I love this Settlement I’ve never been here before so we had a chance to walk around and it’s really a treasure in this area. All the food trucker’s are so excited to be here” said Jayme Goffin, owner of Mother Wilma’s. “We’re excited to serve everybody here today and it’s perfect weather, a perfect day to come out.”

Foodies Loved It

And foodies shared the same excitement.

“I think the pricing is fantastic, I’ve sampled two things thus far it’s pretty early but they were both great,” said Naperville resident Time Ells. “Some tacos and some bar-be-cure [it was]delicious. Everyone is really friendly, and it seems like a great crowd. Everyone is excited about being here.”

What Other Things Did The Naperville Food Truck Festival Offer?

And after you’ve had your filling, but you’re feeling a little stuffed you can burn some calories with the rower. Or, walk around the Settlement and get a tour, your face painted, or just relax.

A percentage of the proceeds went to the DuPage Children’s Museum, which helps fund some of kid-friendly exhibits. All the exhibits paired with the delicious food made for a great match for families.

“We wanted to check out the food trucks and Naper Settlement, we’ve never been here before. So it was a great two-for-one, get all the food trucks check out all those things and Naper Settlement all the historic stuff and make a day of it,” said Naperville resident Elizabeth Herbst.

Bringing the community together one food truck at a time.

For Naperville News 17 I’m Christian Canizal