Naperville Joins ERA Rally in Springfield

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44 Napervillians were off to Springfield on May 8, to join hundreds headed to the state capital with one goal in mind – to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

“The ERA is not just for women; it’s for all. It’s equal; it’s just making the level playing field for all. So people will say it’s a women’s issue but it’s everyone’s issue,” said Jax West, the founder of the organization Friends Who March.

Originally put before the states in 1972, the ERA would guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex.

“It sounds so simple – equal rights, why is this so hard to push? But these people are interpreting the language to be such a way to make it seem like something it’s not,” said West.

It was passed by the Illinois State Senate in April and now needs approval from the IL House of Representatives.

“So we would be the 37th state and you need 38 so we’re almost there to ratify the ERA, then it would become an amendment in our constitution,” she added.

Eight buses picked up and dropped off participants throughout the state, with Naperville as one pick up and drop off point. Director of the documentary film “Equal Means Equal,” Kamala Lopez, provided the buses for the rally.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.