Naperville Liquor Commission Discuss Tobacco 21

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Illinois Bill HB 345, known as “Tobacco 21”, increased the minimum age requirement to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21, effective July 1. At the latest Naperville Liquor Commission meeting, the group discussed what other effects the bill has.

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“Through the enactment of Tobacco 21 the state actually decriminalize possession of tobacco by minors,” said City Attorney Jenifer Lutzke. “So we brought this agenda item to discuss what we wanted to do regarding our possession.”

Naperville Liquor Commission Talks Tobacco

Currently, Naperville’s age possession requirement for tobacco products is 18. Violators may then get an official citation. Eliminating that could cause problems at the high schools.

“Even though they’re rules in the school that say ‘hey you can’t bring vape products into the school’ being able to reinforce it with a citation is something that I think is important. Otherwise it’ll even be more rampant of a problem,” said Naperville Police Department Detective Dan Riggs.

After a short discussion the liquor commissioners unanimously voted on a recommendation to set the age requirement of possessing tobacco products at 21.

The commission’s recommendation now goes to City Council.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.

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