Naperville Liquor Commission Votes Against Happy Hour

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The Naperville Liquor Commission recently voted to continue not to allow happy hour in Naperville.

After receiving a restaurant request, the commission considered lifting a local rule barring happy hours.

In 2015 Governor Bruce Rauner lifted a statewide ban on happy hours, but Naperville chose to continue the restriction locally.

Several commissioners stated they do not believe Naperville businesses are hurt by the rule against happy hour.

“To me this is a no brainer,” said Commissioner Marc Blackman. “We’ve had one request that has come up advocating this in two years. To me it doesn’t seem that our businesses have been at a disadvantage.”

Commissioners also expressed concern that allowing happy hour does not encourage a safe atmosphere for consumption of alcohol.

“People are going to potentially order more while they get a cheaper price while they still can. I think it sends a mixed message,” said Commissioner Scott Wehrli.

The commission voted unanimously to continue the restriction.

Local businesses can however choose to have special prices lasting the entire day without breaking the rule.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.